What if windows explorer is not responding?

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Discover why Windows is not working optimally, and why numerous optimizing utilities cannot fix the situation.

Drawbacks of the utilities that adjust the process priority.

There are many tools whose purpose is to redistribute processor resources between applications.
Most of them have a significant drawback: they increase the priority of foreground processes, while priorities of background processes decrease.
This is a consequence of a completely misunderstanding of how Windows Scheduler works.
The better way to achieve PC responsiveness is to temporarily reduce the priority of troublesome background processes, in order to allow the foreground process to perform user interface responses, and at the same time temporarily reduce the priority of the foreground process to allow the background processes to do their work.
I want to introduce you to the software that implements this behavior.

Process Lasso

What if you had a constant, every second monitoring of system load and intelligent adjustment of the priority of background and foreground processes?
Take a look at Process Lasso, the perfect system utility.

Process lasso

What is its key difference from similar others?
Bitsum software has unique proprietary algorithm, origined from 2005 year.
A deep understanding of how the system works allows it, using the tiny nuances, to increase the responsiveness, and at the same time, to run high-loaded Windows faster.
 In addition to increasing the reaction rate of the active application, periodic reassignment of system resources contributes to the execution of background processes, whose work is important for the entire system in order to release queues.
It will be nice to know that Process Lasso is a fast, lightweight software that does not fill memory and does not load the processor. Especially, with a closed GUI and only with a running service.
It is important that the software provides either the suggested parameters or the opportunity for experienced users to customize each one of them individually.

If you are ready to improve your PC with Process  Lasso,

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