Windows 7 on netbook

For a long time I thought that the previous generation of Windows with kernel NT5.x (XP / 2003) was the best solution for old hardware.
In addition to slightly less memory consumption by older versions, I was sure that the additional CPU overhead in newer versions of Windows was a verdict for them to use on weak computers.
But the accumulating inconvenience did their job.
First and foremost, older browsers such as Firefox ESR and Chromium 39, which are the latest for Windows 5.x, are less compatible with new web services, especially with streaming media data, than contemporary browsers based on new engines.
Secondly, we lose all software based on the Microsoft .NET Framework later than 4.0.3.
Also we have a number of other minor incompatibilities, annoying more and more.
Time passed, and decision came spontaneously.
windows 7 on netbookDuring the painfully slow work with my old netbook, I thought, “Why not?”
I chose Windows 7 Professional N 32 bit as the most lightweight descendant of the XP / 2003 generation
Right away after installing Windows on my laptop's HDD, without any settings, the system just started working!
I was astonished that nothing was hanged and freezed!
Really, the interface worked more smoothly, and the tasks switched without braking, compared to Windows XP.
Moreover, I was delighted by how Firefox Quantum worked!
Despite old Atom N270 CPU now I was able to open a overloaded with scripts Facebook page!
And most of all, it is playing an audio file in the background without clicks, even if heavy applications were running.
 I strongly recommend don't hold on to the old Windows XP and  change it to proven over years Windows 7 N.
 But one requirement must be satisfied: minimum 2 gigabyte of RAM. The bigger, the better.
Alas, Windows 7 consume slightly more memory, this is necessary expenses.
But the yield is worth of it.


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